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Can I Get Health Insurance While I’m Pregnant?

With anywhere from 3.75 million to 4 million births taking place in an average year here in America, pregnancy is something doctors are very familiar with. Yet, if you ask some health insurance companies, being pregnant is a pre-existing condition.

It may seem like a joke, but it’s true. Many health insurance firms, including those right here in Florida, treat pregnancy as a liability. And they are not required to provide health insurance during pregnancy.

Are You More Likely To Get Sick While Pregnant?

It’s long been believed that the immune system is suppressed during pregnancy. The immune system commonly weakens during pregnancy, but luckily, the effect is not as pronounced as doctors once thought. Still, it’s wise to take reasonable precautions against colds, the flu, and food poisoning.

Some common conditions are more likely to result in severe illness while pregnant. Among these is the flu. Official guidance from the Centers for Disease Control recommends a flu shot if you are pregnant during flu season. Vaccination reduces hospitalization by about 40%.

Even though the immune system can fluctuate throughout pregnancy, you can reduce the odds of illness by washing your hands, avoiding contact with people who are ill, and exercising care to prepare food in safe and hygienic ways. Getting sick is not part and parcel of pregnancy.

Despite that, many health insurance brands deem pregnancy a risk factor or even a “condition.”

Outside A Few Limited Options, Many Insurance Providers Can Deny You If You Are Pregnant

Looking for health insurance during pregnancy can be a challenge.

Many expectant parents turn to federal programs, including Medicaid, Medicare, and Affordable Care Act health insurance policies. All policies under the Affordable Care Act are required to meet certain standards, including equal treatment of people with pre-existing health conditions.

While an Affordable Care Act plan is not right for everyone, it can be an attractive option during pregnancy. Unfortunately, enrolling in an ACA plan is only possible for a short period each year. Open enrollment was extended for several months in 2021, but it ended in August.

Open enrollment generally occurs in November and December for a brief span of time.

While there are signs the Biden Administration might lengthen open enrollment in the future, that doesn’t help if you are looking for an insurance policy today. And because there is an elevated risk of some illness during pregnancy, it is definitely a time when you want all the protection you can get.

Medicaid and Medicare have strict income limits and other requirements, making them unsuitable for the majority of people. While there are helpful and effective federal programs, they focus on the elderly, the disabled, and people in severe economic need – others have to search for an alternative.

What About Employer Insurance Programs Or Alternative Health Insurance Policies?

Some employer health insurance plans maintain your ordinary level of coverage during the course of a pregnancy. Relatively few will also provide prenatal care. While this information is available in your policy documents, you may need to speak with HR to get the facts on what is and isn’t covered.

Other employer health insurance policies lack pregnancy care coverage or may even reduce your level of coverage once you become pregnant. Unfortunately, this varies a great deal from one employer to the next. It often reflects the employee benefits strategies and other priorities of the business.

Last – and in most cases, “least” – is the catastrophic health plan, also known as an alternative health insurance policy. These policies aren’t usually well-rounded. They are used for temporary coverage, often while between jobs or waiting for ACA open enrollment.

While some catastrophic health plans have a low monthly premium, they tend to have a high deductible and a low overall level of coverage. They may be available to customers only within a certain age range and have other restrictions. All in all, they are unlikely to be right for pregnancy.

When what you really want is robust insurance coverage during pregnancy, you need creative thinking.

Choice Health Insurance Brokers has innovative options for you.

Only Choice Health Insurance Brokers Offers 100% Coverage For Pre-Existing Conditions Year-Round

Let’s face it: Sooner or later, just about everyone will have a “pre-existing condition.”

And while we don’t agree that your pregnancy should be treated that way, we are dedicated to making sure you have access to a full range of health insurance options here in Central Florida. That’s why our team has been working overtime to craft an agreement that extends our product offerings.

Choice Health Insurance will now offer 100% coverage for pre-existing conditions, including pregnancy, all year round. We are one of the only health insurance brokerages in the state of Florida that can provide this complete coverage. And we are launching it starting immediately, so there’s no delay.

It’s all to help people in the state of Florida who have pre-existing conditions of any kind.

We now deliver this coverage in two distinct forms to meet your needs:

1. Gap Coverage

Gap coverage is the ideal solution when you need health insurance fast to help you with a recent loss of coverage. You can hold gap insurance for a number of months while you wait for a new employer health insurance plan to kick in or for ACA open enrollment to start for the year.

With gap coverage, your complete coverage can start in as little as a few days and you can start seeing doctors included within your policy when you need to. Your gap coverage can be precisely timed or extended so that you won’t suffer through a coverage gap as your long-term policy becomes available.

2. Year-Round Coverage

We’re pleased to add year-round coverage for pre-existing conditions to our bevy of personal health insurance options in Central Florida. As with our gap coverage, you can start your year-round coverage at any time. You may qualify for lower premiums or deductibles with this coverage.

Even if you’ve been without coverage for a while, there’s no reason to wait any longer. Our year-round coverage can meet your health insurance needs during pregnancy, while managing chronic conditions, and during any other life change or health situation you can name. It really is that simple.

No Matter What Option You Choose, Choice Health Insurance Brokers Is On Your Side

When you partner with Choice Health Insurance Brokers, you are always working with an independent professional who has your interests at heart. Although we are offering a growing number of versatile and affordable plans, we have no sales quotas and are not beholden to any insurance agency.

Our team will work with you to understand your health insurance needs. We inform you about a full selection of options, many of which are difficult or impossible for individuals to access alone because we coordinate with all types of organizations that offer Central Florida health insurance.

Contact us to find out more or get started.