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Feeling Stuck With Your Current Health Insurance? Call A Local Health Insurance Broker

You know you need health insurance coverage.

The older you get, the more important it becomes. Even a healthy adult with no pre-existing conditions should take the time to enroll in a good health insurance plan. That often means comparing different plans once a year.

For many Americans, open enrollment is a reminder to double-check that their current health insurance is right for them. But even if you are more interested in looking beyond the ACA for your healthcare, you should take time out to make it a priority. And, like with your car insurance, a better health insurance deal might just mean you should switch.

Even When It’s Not Open Enrollment, Your Health Insurance Isn’t Set In Stone

Lots of people have been misinformed about the process of buying health insurance and when they can do it. Ask some Americans and they’ll tell you that you can only buy a health insurance policy once a year. This confusion is understandable when you think about the health insurance landscape:

  • The majority of working adults have health insurance through their employer
  • While millions of people choose an ACA plan, they can only do it once a year

Open enrollment might be responsible for so many thinking they have only one chance to make a decision about health insurance. The truth is, however, you can and should switch policies whenever the timing is right for you. An ACA plan might not be accessible all year round, but there are plenty of other options.

Being proactive about health insurance can save you money and lead to superior care.

Even with that in mind, though, there are plenty of understandable reasons why people might put off such a big health-related decision. That’s especially true if they currently have some form of coverage, even if they are not sure their policy works well for them.

Here’s why some Americans get stuck in the procrastination trap over insurance:

1. They Don’t Want To Risk A Lapse In Coverage

The biggest reason people stick with insurance they don’t really care for is the possibility of a lapse in coverage. By its nature, you never know exactly when you will need health insurance. Even when you’re careful to do everything right, it is hard to trust that health insurance companies will also do the right thing. So, it’s easy to end up putting off a decision “until the time is right” – and that time often never arrives.

2. They Have A Strong Relationship With Their Doctor

The majority of doctors and patients surveyed say there isn’t enough face-time for doctors to spend with their patients. As physicians spend more time on administrative tasks such as updating health records, the rapport that was once part and parcel of the doctor-patient relationship is becoming rarer.

When it works well, that relationship is worth its weight in gold. But that doesn’t mean you should stick with your current insurance. In most cases, any specific doctor or clinic is “in-network” for multiple different brands. And you can also choose a policy that will provide “out of network” benefits to see your doctor.

3. They Worry About Outstanding Medical Claims

One of the most stressful reasons to feel trapped with a certain insurer is outstanding claims. If you have claims that are working their way through the labyrinth of medical billing, the idea of doing anything to disturb that process may seem like more trouble than it could ever be worth.

Yes, your old insurance company is still required to handle your claim according to your policy documents even if you switch insurers. As long as you were covered at the time of treatment, they should deliver the same quality of service they would for an active policyholder.

But it’s not unreasonable to wonder if you’ll have fewer options from outside than inside.

4. They Want To Stick With What They Know

If you’ve ever found yourself “stuck” in a job because the whole process of finding a new one sounded like a fiasco, you’ve experienced one of the biggest reasons people settle for an insurer: You may not be getting what you want, but you’ve learned to navigate the system you’re currently in and don’t want to start over again.

5. They Can’t Imagine A Better Option Is Out There

This is related to #4 above. If you’ve never had a health insurance policy that really meets your needs or a health insurance firm that seems to be on your side, it can be hard to imagine that such things even exist. But if you choose not to look for them, you’re guaranteed to never find them.

In a world where time and attention are more limited than ever before, dealing with health insurance any more than you have to probably feels like a headache. To get real results, it’s vital not to try to do it all yourself.

A local health insurance broker is just the ally you need when you have big questions.

A Local Health Insurance Broker Will Help You Navigate The Stormy Seas Of Health Insurance

Health insurance brokers are independent insurance experts who represent their clients’ interests, not those of the insurance industry. Unlike insurance agents, who can only sell you plans created and approved by their employer, your local health insurance broker is there to help you make the best decision for you.

A local health insurance broker can advise you on insurance policies available from a wide range of providers, including those you might not be able to access as an individual. And your broker can also tell you about your ACA marketplace options if you want to start there.

One of the leading benefits of working with a local health insurance broker is that you can get started any time and change your insurance policy when you want. You’re not limited to making your policy selections during a brief few weeks out of every year. And you will have a greater variety of options to choose from.

Some insurance policies are offered only to people in certain towns, cities, or states. Without a trusted advisor, you might never even find out about them. Your local health insurance broker acts as a point of contact with all the different insurance providers in your area and lets you compare them at a glance.

We know; health insurance can be overwhelming. One of the biggest reasons why is the feeling that you have to do it all alone. In a world where it can seem like everyone is only out for themselves, Choice Health Insurance Brokers is on your side. We do all the footwork of finding the best health insurance options for you.

Then, we support you in selecting a health insurance policy based on your needs. We aren’t limited to one health insurance company – and you shouldn’t be, either.

To find out more or get started with your own local health insurance broker, contact us today.