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Is It Cheaper to Get Health Insurance From a Local Insurance Broker?

All across Volusia County, people are looking for the best deals on health insurance.

Recent events have underscored the importance of making sure you have the right health insurance. Health insurance isn’t just for older people – anyone could need it at any time. Every year, good health insurance in Florida makes the difference between treatment and bankruptcy.

It’s natural to ask: How can you get Florida health insurance cheap?

Unfortunately, this question often leads people in the wrong direction. They end up trying to research Florida health insurance on their own. This process can take many hours and rarely leaves them with clear answers. It could even result in being stuck with the wrong health insurance in Florida.

Instead of going it alone, consult a local health insurance broker.

Is It Really Cheaper to Get Volusia County Health Insurance From a Local Insurance Broker?

A local health insurance broker is an independent insurance expert whose job is to help you save money.

Unlike insurance agents or “health advisors,” who are employed directly by a single insurance company, a local health insurance broker has the power to act independently. He or she gathers information about all of the local health insurance options so clients like you can make an informed decision.

A local health insurance broker often has access to insurance options you can’t even find on your own.

For example, a broker could have agreements with organizations that offer health insurance, but don’t generally allow individual consumers to contact them directly for a policy. This can include smaller insurance companies, labor unions, credit unions, and many other types of businesses to provide you far more options and solutions than you would have had otherwise.

Now, is it always cheaper to get health insurance from a local health insurance broker? This depends entirely on your needs and the options you choose. But you will have many more policy options than you might otherwise get including the opportunity to customize your coverages and only pay for what you may want or need. That means more opportunities for you to potentially find the lowest cost plan and fit your plan to your unique situation.

It is impossible to estimate how much an insurance policy will be without going over all the facts with someone who understands. For Volusia County residents, that person is your local health insurance broker. You can finally get accurate, unbiased facts about all the different kinds of health insurance available to you.

The Benefits of a Local Health Insurance Broker Go Beyond Price

Yes, choosing the right health insurance in Volusia County may mean saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the course of a year. But that is really only the beginning. After all, the value of any insurance policy is in how well it is able to serve you when you need it. That comes from making an informed selection.

Even though open enrollment has come and gone for another year, that does not mean that you can’t get a new insurance policy you will love. But it is vital to make the right choice the first time. Switching from one policy to another can be costly and time-consuming. Plus, you may face a coverage gap.

With your local health insurance broker on your side, you have much less to worry about.

Let’s consider some of the biggest ways working with a Volusia County health insurance broker helps:

1. You Can Get Insurance to Cover Health, Vision, and Other Needs

For most Floridians, personal health insurance is really only the beginning. Millions of Americans have gone to the eye doctor every year or every other year for much of their lives. And let’s face it – some insurers may treat teeth as a luxury, but that doesn’t mean anyone wants to do without. Preventive care saves lots of money!

With a local health insurance broker, it is much easier to mix and match different insurance plans so you can get all the coverage you want. On the other hand, buying directly from an insurer means you will only have a choice of the specific bundles they choose to offer, which may have lots of different limits and penalties.

2. You Can Find Low-Cost Insurance for Volusia County Small Business

If you are a small business owner, you already know how much health insurance burnishes your reputation. Your brand can be seen as an employer of choice when you have terrific insurance to offer your new hires. Even if your small business is not required to offer insurance, it is a wise idea to take a closer look.

It’s often difficult to find good insurance options for smaller businesses here in Florida. It could take months for you to narrow down the field compared to just days when you use a local health insurance broker. On top of that, your broker can help you navigate the process of getting started.

3. You Don’t Need to Feel Pressured by an Insurance Firm When Buying Insurance

Insurance firms love to have unsuspecting people on the phone. Agents can tell when you don’t have all the facts. They use the insurance company’s ability to hide those facts, creating confusion about what insurance will really do for you. Their only goal is to keep you on the phone and keep talking until you buy.

You know better than to take information from a biased source. With Choice, your local health insurance broker is never beholden to any specific insurance company. There are no sales quotas dictating what kind of policy they should offer. It is the easiest and simplest way to get covered – and it’s all up to you.

4. It Will Be Easier than Ever to Adjust Your Insurance Coverage in the Future

Things change, and your health needs may evolve from one year to the next. With that in mind, wouldn’t it be great to have someone in your corner no matter what life throws at you? If you discover you need to make changes in your insurance from year to year, who will you go to? Your local health insurance broker!

It’s easy to compare car insurance online when you need a better deal, but it’s never been quite so simple when it comes to health insurance. With an expert health insurance broker ready to accept your call any time, you really can eliminate any guesswork and worry from the process.

And you don’t even have to wait for open enrollment. Your health insurance broker is always available.

The Chance to Save More Money Is Only the Beginning with Choice Health Insurance Brokers

When you have all the facts and make an informed decision, you have the tools to save more money.

No website can tell you everything you need to know about health insurance – and you shouldn’t have to piece together the puzzle on your own. Instead, why not meet your friendly neighborhood health insurance broker right here in Volusia County? Phone, email, and in-person appointments are all available.

We’ll help you take the mystery out of health insurance so you can go forward with confidence.

To learn more or start with Volusia County’s health insurance experts, contact Choice.