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Looking for Better Health Insurance For Your Small Business? How A Broker Can Offer More Options

The requirement to have group health insurance for your small business is a major rite of passage for Central Florida entrepreneurs. Health insurance is on everyone’s minds these days, and rolling out your plan helps to make you an employer of choice.

But choosing the right health insurance is no small matter. You will need to compare plenty of options to find the right one for you. Not only do you need to meet employees’ needs, but you also need to make sure to minimize overhead. That can be a challenging balancing act.

And even if you’ve done it before, it’s still tough.

After all, the facts around health insurance are constantly changing. New entrants are entering health insurance seemingly every day. And the companies that have been around for a while frequently raise their rates, making it harder for you to maintain your budget.

Luckily, there is a solution.

If you have 50 employees or more, you’re required to provide health insurance. But that requirement doesn’t have to be a burden. The right expert advice empowers you to make an informed and more confident decision – and that advice comes from a local health insurance broker.

Not familiar with the concept of a health insurance broker or how one can help with group health insurance? Stick around! You can get even more options when you partner with a trusted broker.

How a Health Insurance Broker Expands Your Group Health Insurance Options

It’s hard to select group health insurance for your business without being given the runaround. Health insurance firms are optimized to work with employers, but they still spend the majority of their time on the biggest multinationals. That can leave Central Florida small businesses wondering what to do next.

No matter which insurance agency you call, the story is the same. They can tell you all about their own offerings, but they often won’t give you a direct comparison with any of their competitors. On the one hand, they may simply not have that information. On the other, their only job is to close the deal.

What if you could get impartial, expert advice and enjoy even more group health insurance options?

Now you can. Choice Health Insurance Brokers was founded with the vision of making health insurance easier for Central Florida businesses, families, and individuals. We operate on a completely different service model: Our goal is to give you the insights you need to make an informed selection.

Here’s how a local health insurance broker is different:

1. We Make Group Health Insurance Options Easier to Find

When it comes to group health insurance, the big insurance agencies are just part of the story. There are other options, provided by professional and industry organizations, nonprofits, hospital cooperatives, and many more. The difficulty is in finding and comparing each of these.

A local health insurance broker does all the footwork for you, so you don’t need to spend hours just getting the facts. All of your different options will be laid out for you to peruse. And if you have any questions, you can get answers directly from your broker.

2. We’re on Your Side from Start to End

Unlike insurance agents, health insurance brokers operate independently. We understand the ins and outs of the various plans, but we are not required to meet a sales quota. With our team, you will never be under pressure to decide a certain way.

As long as you continue to operate your business within our Central Florida service area, Choice Health Insurance Brokers will always be there as a resource you can use. Maintaining our focus on a smaller geographical area helps ensure we always have accurate, high-quality information for you.

3. We’ll Help You Work Within Your Budget

We understand the financial health of your business matters. It can be difficult for small business owners to find options that suit their fiscal realities, but Choice Health Insurance Brokers cuts through the clutter. You never have to feel as if there’s only one option that’s suitable for your enterprise. It’s never too late to review all of your options with Choice.

Even if you don’t have 50 employees at your Central Florida small business just yet, you have the option of offering health insurance. It might seem like it’s out of reach, but it’s far easier than you might think.

Let Choice Health Insurance Brokers take the mystery out of health insurance for your business.

Contact us today to find out more or get started. We look forward to helping you soon.