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Why Working with a Health Insurance Broker Can Save You Time and Money

Who doesn’t want to save time and money when it comes to health insurance?

We all know that, as a general rule, personal health insurance costs are rising. At the same time, it might seem like it takes longer and longer every year to figure out what insurance policy is best for you. That’s the case no matter whether you have employer-sponsored insurance or use an Affordable Care Act plan.

It can take hours to sift through all the different policies that might be available on the ACA marketplace. Even though the “metal tier” system helps draw broad distinctions between plans, the differences inside each category can be tough to decipher. (You might want to read a glossary of health insurance terms!)

And the majority of American adults, who get insurance through their job, often report it’s no picnic.

Employers tend to negotiate for better insurance prices at the end of the year. This may come at the expense of concessions that reduce the quality of the policy. You could find that an employer-based insurance plan no longer meets your needs when changes come into effect, typically on January 1.

No matter your situation, everyone wants health insurance that will be there when they need it. But searching through your options alone can feel like a journey through the wilderness. Insurance agents may steer you in a direction that doesn’t work for you, since they are focused on meeting their quota.

But the whole process becomes very different when you have the right ally on your side.

A local health insurance broker is exactly the expert you need.

What Is a Local Health Insurance Broker?

Here in Central Florida, many people have questions about the best way to meet their healthcare needs. A local health insurance broker is an independent insurance professional who gathers information about local policy providers but does not have a sales quota with any particular provider.

It’s important to choose a local health insurance broker because organizations that can provide policies are often limited in the geographical area they serve. While some insurance agencies operate nationally, nonprofits, professional associations, industry associations, and others may have a shorter reach.

This doesn’t mean you get a lesser experience when you choose a policy from one of these sources.

In fact, a health insurance policy from outside the traditional insurance agency structure might be just what you need to ensure your needs are met within your budget. So, why don’t more people explore these options? Simple enough: most Floridians don’t know they’re out there.

Your local health insurance broker bridges the gap, giving you the details you need to make an informed decision. By comparing more options faster, you’re more likely to find an ideal insurance policy for you.

How Your Local Health Insurance Broker Saves You Time and Money

1. You May Save Hundreds of Hours on Independent Research

It can be hard to figure out on your own how different health insurance choices might affect you in the long run. A local health insurance broker has already done all the research, so you can go directly to the part where you compare options and choose the best one.

2. You Have More Opportunities to Save Money on Insurance

More options is just better – it’s true of health insurance as in many other parts of life. It’s far easier to pick a policy your budget will love when you have six or ten possibilities instead of two or three. Time and time again, our clients tell us they found options they never would’ve known about otherwise.

3. You Can Extend Insurance Coverage to Your Family Members

One problem Central Floridians face when navigating the insurance landscape is finding a truly family-friendly policy. A health insurance broker can support your efforts to find a policy where children or a spouse are welcome. You can also seek out dental or vision insurance.

4. You Can Find Short-Term Insurance and Other Emergency Coverage

Sudden changes in your employment status or health needs may leave you starting from square one when it comes to your insurance. No matter what curveballs life throws at you, you can always get unbiased insights from Choice Health Insurance Brokers as long as you live in our service area.

If your only experience with health insurance is a long, lonely slog through limited options, Choice Health Insurance Brokers can help. You can spend less, save yourself time and frustration, and go forward with confidence in the health insurance you pick. Contact us to learn more or get started.