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How Do Prescription Discount Cards Work?

Here in DeLand and throughout Central Florida, the cost of prescription drugs is a major concern for many people. No matter your age or health, most prescription drug users have seen increasing costs. Over the last few years, gains have been particularly sharp.

Research shows prescription drug prices rose about 5.8% in the first days of January 2020, compared to 5.2% in 2019. In 2022, more than 450 drugs are expected to increase in price or have already seen those increases go into effect. At these rates, prices rise about 55% every ten years.

A good health insurance policy with strong prescription drug coverage is the average person’s best ally in managing prescription drug costs. Thankfully though, another helpful option has emerged: prescription discount cards. A prescription discount card can cut drug prices, sometimes even more than insurance.

You have probably seen a prescription discount card display at your local Pierson Community Pharmacy or Angel’s Pharmacy, among others. A prescription discount card is free and anyone is welcome to pick one up – you do not need a special account or policy.

Whenever you get a prescription, the pharmacist can check the price against the discount card and offer you the lower of the two prices available: Your insurance or the card. Some of these cards are even available online, though many people find the physical card more convenient.

But exactly how do prescription discount cards work?

Why Pharmacies Are Willing to Honor a Prescription Discount Card

A prescription discount card is not insurance. It can only provide savings on prescription medication. But it is highly useful. After all, you often don’t have to pay anything for a prescription discount card. On top of that, just about all local pharmacies in DeLand and elsewhere honor them.

If you do decide to use prescription discount cards for your payment, then your medication will not be affected by your insurance at all. This can be helpful if the card’s price for a given prescription drug is attractive and you don’t want to worry about the standard rate of copay or your policy’s deductible.

But why, exactly, does it benefit pharmacies or drug companies to accept lower prices?

These cards actually represent a complex agreement between multiple organizations in healthcare. A card is usually provided at no cost to you, but when you use it, the pharmacy pays a transaction fee to the card company. This reimburses the company and encourages repeat business at the pharmacy.

Meanwhile, the discount card company uses its negotiating power in tandem with pharmacy benefits managers to negotiate a better price for prescriptions. Drug companies allow this because they know that, on the whole, only a fraction of their business will be affected.

This creates a huge incentive for average people to use prescription discount cards. At the same time, all of the work is done for you. There should be no cost at all for you as a consumer when you choose to use a discount card. It is all taken care of in the most efficient way possible.

The New Prescription Discount Card from Choice Health Insurance Brokers Gives You Options

Our exclusive prescription discount card from Choice Health Insurance Brokers is your newest and best option in the ongoing fight against high prescription drug prices. You no longer need to go from one pharmacy to the next searching for the best price for you.

Instead, you can use the local pharmacy of your choice and save money.

With our years of experience and deep relationships in the community, Choice Health Insurance Brokers has the unique opportunity to help consumers like you by partnering with PRAM Insurance. PRAM is the only independent fully insured prescription plan on the market today – period.

With the Choice Health Insurance prescription discount card, you know you are working with a reliable name you can trust to be on your side. We have developed the leading local network of pharmacies so you have the opportunity to choose the one that’s right for you every time.

In addition to Angel’s Pharmacy and Pierson Community Pharmacy, you can use your card at Publix, Walmart, CVS, Winn-Dixie, or Walgreens. Overall, more than 70,000 pharmacies across the country accept our card, including trusted local names and nationwide chains.

At Choice Health Insurance Brokers, we are proud to help Central Florida locals reach their goals by giving them more options, greater choice, and better savings when it comes to the medication they need. You don’t need to purchase insurance through Choice to use our card.

Contact us to learn more or begin.