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Save Money in 2022 By Shopping Your Family’s Health Insurance With A Local Broker

Throughout DeLand, Daytona, Sanford, elsewhere in Volusia County, and around the United States, people are looking to the future and finding hard choices in front of them. Health insurance costs are increasing at the same time groceries are skyrocketing. No one wants to make cuts to healthcare, but everyone feels the importance of saving money – so what should you do?

Affordable Care Act open enrollment is live for 2021, and millions of people are expected to join with an ACA-compliant health insurance policy. Analysts expect the bulk of new enrollment will come from people who recently left the workforce in what some are calling The Great Resignation.

Families are feeling the squeeze, even in cases where two or more members are working steadily.

While some cost increases are driven by factors outside anyone’s control, like the oft-reported “supply chain issues,” others are simply the domino effect: Businesses see their competitors raising prices and don’t want to be left behind. This puts families in a tight position.

While some authorities claim rising inflation and slow growth will break in 2022, there is really no way for anyone to predict the future. Instead, families in Florida and beyond should take practical measures. Many have done just that by looking for ways to reduce their monthly fixed expenses.

The family health insurance plan may be the perfect place to start.

And you can do it while maintaining your connection to the healthcare you need.

A Local or Nationwide Health Insurance Broker Helps You Look Beyond ACA Health Insurance for 2022

From coast to coast, there are lots of people looking at the Affordable Care Act marketplace as their first stop when they consider their health needs for the year. That said, past years have demonstrated that the costs of ACA health plans tend to go up over time. That trend is very unlikely to change this year.

While there are more people enrolled in health insurance, there are also more people who need to use the benefits of their plans. From the perspective of insurance companies, that means there are plenty of good reasons to raise rates. It’s reasonable to expect a big increase next year as well.

As more people grapple with the long-term effects of COVID-19, healthcare costs may continue to rise.

But what can you do to save money right now?

And how can you do it without compromising on your needs?

The answer is simpler than it may look, but it’s not known to many Floridians:

Use a local health insurance broker in Volusia County.

When they need more information on health insurance, plenty of Floridians call up the insurance firm directly. But they are unlikely to get the full story from insurance agents. After all, agents make more money when they sell a plan. In effect, that’s their only goal when talking to you.

What you need – in Daytona, DeLand, Sanford, or anywhere else in Volusia County – is an insurance pro whose goal is getting you the best plan at the best rates. That means actually understanding your needs, listening to your concerns, and answering your questions.

The Biggest Reasons to Contact Your Local Health Insurance Broker in Volusia County

Tired of sifting through websites that constantly break down to get the information you need about health insurance? What about those policy documents that are as thick as phone books? Does it always feel like you’re missing details or don’t quite get something that could cost you money?

We know what you’re going through. And we’re here to help.

We founded Choice Health Insurance Brokers because we understand the frustration. The Affordable Care Act helped millions of people access healthcare, but it also left some new problems: The inability to adjust their health insurance for most of the year.

Even to this day, a substantial number of Americans believe they can only purchase health insurance in November and December. With Choice Health Insurance Brokers, we want to make things both easier and less expensive, so you don’t need to be an expert to get the best health insurance in Central Florida.

Here are three reasons why making the call to Choice Health Insurance can help the whole family:

1. By Having More Options, You Can Save Money on Health Insurance In Central Florida

It’s true that an insurance agent probably knows that company’s policies inside and out. But ask about the competition and those same agents either don’t know or won’t tell you. After all, they have a sales quota to meet! That attitude means it’s easy to overlook opportunities to save money.

A local health insurance broker can give you all the facts you need to make an informed selection.

As an independent source of unbiased health insurance information, our team collects all the details on local health insurance plans from dozens of sources. That includes health insurance policies you may be eligible for that are not advertised directly to consumers like you.

It might surprise you to know that traditional health insurance agencies aren’t the only ones out there that can offer a health insurance plan. Many other organizations, like labor unions, nonprofits, and even credit unions, may have health insurance policies.

Your local health insurance broker will help you sort through all the options, including those you didn’t even know you had. And you’ll never be pushed to make a decision one way or the other. At Choice, all our advice is based on your needs, not insurance agency profits.

That can save you thousands of dollars on health insurance for you and your family.

2. You and Your Family Can Access A New Health Insurance Policy Any Time You Need One

If you want to add or adjust an Affordable Care Act plan, you’re limited to what you can do in the Open Enrollment period. Outside this period, you have few options unless you experience a qualifying life event, such as moving.

Working with a local health insurance broker gives you flexibility. You have the power to change your health insurance any time of year or even adopt a short-term insurance plan while you wait for other coverage to begin. Finally – no one under your roof needs to go without health insurance.

3. Your Broker Is An Ally You Can Trust

As families grow and change, your health insurance needs aren’t static. Your relationship with an insurance agency lasts only as long as your policy, but your health insurance broker can be in your corner for as long as you’re here in Central Florida.

At Choice, many of our customers have been with us since the beginning. We’ve helped them welcome new additions, cheered graduations and other milestones, and assisted our members in getting the best health insurance while pregnant. We help you make your family’s life easier – it’s that simple.

We’ll get to know you and help you meet your unique needs on your household budget.

Contact us today to get started with a Central Florida health insurance broker you can trust.