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If My Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Doesn’t Have Vision and Dental, Can I Still Get That Covered?

Dental and vision insurance is an important part of personal insurance for millions of Americans. Some people have visited the eye doctor every year from early in life. Others find that their vision needs grow when they get a little bit older. Regardless, this can be an important quality of life issue.

The same is true of dental insurance. While dental insurance might not seem that crucial at first, the right preventive care helps ensure teeth will remain strong throughout life. That annual cleaning is a bigger part of long-term success than it might seem to be at first.

Unfortunately, dental and vision insurance coverage isn’t offered by all employers. Dental insurance becomes much more common for enterprises with 500  people and over, but it is often overlooked when smaller companies develop their compensation and benefits programs.

Likewise, vision insurance has lagged behind as a fringe benefit.

Only about 44% of small firms offer some form of vision insurance. Among larger firms, vision insurance coverage is rarer than dental. This can be problematic for people who wear eyeglasses and want their prescription to reflect their needs as best as possible every year.

There are other reasons why dental and vision insurance from an employer might fall short of your expectations. For example, an employer might offer these policies but not allow you to extend the benefits to your spouse or children, preventing you from reaping some potential savings.

Even though employer-based health insurance is intended to be inexpensive for those covered, it can still be pricey when dental and vision insurance coverage is added. And even after all of that, you may simply conclude that the available options don’t suit your needs.

You need options, and Choice Health Insurance Brokers (CHIB) can help.

As an employed resident of Central Florida, you aren’t restricted to just the options your employer gives you. You have a choice. In fact, most employees can waive insurance coverage from an employer if they feel it doesn’t match their needs or they want to pursue insurance from another provider.

The question is: How can you discover your health insurance options in Central Florida?

CHIB Helps You Expand Your Options for Dental and Vision Insurance Coverage

No matter whether you wish to completely replace your employer-sponsored health insurance or just want to augment it with additional features, Choice Health Insurance Brokers is the team that’s on your side. Our work focuses on providing more options so you can make an informed choice.

As a local health insurance broker in Central Florida, the team at CHIB has the information you need on all the insurance options available to you. We work independently to establish relationships with all the organizations that offer health insurance, even those that do not advertise to the general public.

These include industry associations, professional organizations, and many more. In some cases, you may need to have a particular affiliation. Most of the time, however, these organizations allow anyone to use their health insurance programs because it gives them more purchasing power within the market.

It might take months to find all this information on your own, and you need a solution right away. That’s why CHIB works around the clock to make sure we have all the facts. When you partner with CHIB, you can see at a glance precisely what new dental and vision insurance might apply to you.

Our clients often find that they go from one or two options to five, ten, or even more.

For Dental and Vision Insurance, Working with CHIB Is Easier

When the average person in Central Florida looks for insurance, they usually start with the insurance agencies. An insurance agent might have a comprehensive knowledge of the products in their own company, but they rarely know much about what the competition has to offer.

What’s more, their main goal is to make a sale no matter what. They may steer you the wrong way because they don’t have your best interests at heart. At CHIB, we don’t have a sales quota. We will always give you advice aimed at helping you make the best decision for you and your family.

As long as you are living somewhere within our Central Florida service area, you can come back to us again and again when your needs change. Our position as a truly local health insurance broker helps to ensure that no piece of information that might help you is ever overlooked.

Contact us to find out more or get started today. We look forward to helping you.