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How Can CHIB Help Me Combat Rising Prescription Costs?

Prescription costs are one of the biggest issues faced by people in Central Florida today.

Prescription drugs are a very important part of overall health. More than 131 million people, including about 66% of all American adults, use at least one prescription drug. These are crucial for managing chronic conditions and ensuring good quality of life for older adults.

Prescription drug costs are among the biggest categories of healthcare spending for the average American. Between the start of the pandemic and February of 2022, those costs rose 2.2%. Even inflation could not keep up with rising drug costs.

Sometimes, prescription drug users get a reprieve as a generic form of a medication becomes widely available. But patent-holding is big business for pharmaceutical companies, who can make tiny tweaks to drugs to ensure that their control persists indefinitely into the future.

That means no low-cost generics can be made and ordinary families are at the mercy of high prices. Prescription discount cards can help, but better insurance coverage is your biggest asset.

Luckily, there is an alternative. By consulting with a local health insurance broker, you have the chance to uncover additional prescription drug coverage options. No matter if you’re between insurance, have an employer-sponsored health insurance plan, or use Medicaid or Medicare, you have options.

Choice Health Insurance Brokers Is Here to Help With Prescription Drug Costs

Prescription drugs are a necessity for many Central Floridians, but that doesn’t mean you have no way of saving more money. In fact, prescription drug benefits can often supplement your current coverage.

Like dental insurance and vision insurance, prescription drug coverage is a form of personal health insurance that is highly portable. By finding the right prescription drug coverage, you can add it to your existing coverage and only increase your monthly premiums by a modest amount.

Naturally, a good prescription drug benefit can make up for that amount very quickly.

Most people need to renew their prescriptions once a month, and prescription drugs increase in price every single year. By raising the amount of your coverage by just 10%, you may be able to save money compared to your current coverage. If you have no other coverage, prescription benefits can stand alone.

However, you won’t usually be able to customize plans this way from your employer or from the Affordable Care Act marketplace. Instead, you need to work with a local health insurance broker.

Choice Health Insurance Brokers (CHIB) does the hard work for you. Instead of spending weeks getting all the information together yourself, you can come to us and learn about all your options. We do the research and build relationships with various organizations that offer prescription drug coverage.

By comparing different options, you may find one that will save you hundreds or thousands a month.

CHIB Will Help You Uncover Prescription Drug Benefit Options You Never Knew About

The majority of Americans who currently have health insurance are covered by their employer, an ACA marketplace plan, or coverage offered by Medicaid and Medicare. But those aren’t the only possibilities. CHIB helps you save money by making it easy to access insurance from a wide variety of providers.

That includes industry associations, professional organizations, and many others that operate right here in Central Florida. Although they might turn out to have the perfect prescription drug benefits for you, they generally don’t advertise to the public. That makes it very hard to find out about these options.

The local health insurance brokers at CHIB do all the footwork for you. We maintain a bird’s-eye view of all the health insurance options in Central Florida and who qualifies. That includes insurance by the big insurance agencies, but there’s a twist – we don’t have a sales quota.

Unlike an insurance agent, our team is always on your side. Our goal is to give you the information you need to make an informed and confident choice. It starts by learning about your needs, then walking through the various prescription drug coverage options that might pertain to you.

Have a Stress-Free Conversation About Prescription Drug Costs with Someone Who Really Cares

For too long, finding the right health insurance has been time-consuming and stressful. But it doesn’t have to be. No matter whether you prefer to call us or visit our office, a member of our team can help you clear the air around prescription drug coverage. If you find coverage that appeals to you, you don’t have to wait for a special enrollment period – instead, you can switch right away.

Contact us today to learn more and get started.