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Medicare Patients May Be Able to Find Better Healthcare Coverage with a Local Insurance Broker

Virtually all retired Americans aged 65 and older are eligible for Medicare, a popular and long-running government program that helps elders manage their healthcare access after they leave the workforce.

Some people, called dual eligibles, are also qualified for Medicaid at the same time. Medicaid provides some forms of healthcare coverage for people below a certain income level. No matter whether or not you qualify for Medicaid, however, most people will almost certainly enroll in Medicare at some point.

Nearly 64 million Americans are enrolled in Medicare according to the latest figures. Most of them approve of the program and their coverage. But if there’s one thing that nobody ever tells you about Medicare, it’s this: It can be very, very complicated.

Unexpected Complications Raise Concerns Among Some Medicare Recipients

In some cases, enrollees report difficulty understanding their coverage and when it applies. And there are even certain situations where, if you fail to enroll in Medicare “on time,” you end up paying some fees and penalties. Some of these penalties can actually extend for the rest of your life.

These and other factors make Medicare intimidating for some.

Likewise, as your healthcare needs change, you might learn that Medicare doesn’t cover everything you need. Some Medicare drug plans, for example, have something called the coverage gap (often referred to as the “donut hole”) where you are required to pay for services that were previously covered.

Before you enroll in Medicare, you might expect that one of the best things about it is no longer having to worry about buying personal health insurance or comparing plans. But you’ll still have to make lots of decisions like these, and the right option for you is not always obvious.

Medicare does have a major advantage over private insurance: When you call someone to discuss your plan, they don’t have a sales quota or any reason to sell you a policy that doesn’t meet your needs. But sometimes, it still feels like you need a doctorate in rocket science to understand what’s going on.

If any of these situations describe you, a local health insurance broker could help:

  • You are ready to move on from Medicare because it doesn’t suit your needs
  • You like Medicare, but need additional help or coverage for some situations
  • You just want to explore your options and see if anything else out there fits

Choice Health Insurance Brokers is your #1 ally here in Central Florida. We will sit down with you to understand your needs and evaluate your options. Once all those options are on the table, you’ll have the opportunity to make a decision with confidence – you’ll never be pushed one way or the other.

How Choice Health Insurance Brokers Simplifies Personal Health Insurance for Seniors

At Choice Health Insurance Brokers, we take what we do seriously. We know our communities here in Central Florida are home to millions of people who use Medicare regularly. Medicare recipients are represented at a higher volume here than in many other places across the United States.

You worked hard all your life to enjoy retirement, and thorny questions about personal health insurance shouldn’t cast a dark cloud over your golden years. At Choice Health Insurance Brokers, we map out the different paths you can take to meet your coverage needs exactly as you explain them to us.

Depending on whether you want to save money, extend your coverage, or expand coverage in under-served areas like vision and dental insurance, the experts at Choice Health Insurance Brokers will have different advice for you. Most people find that there are Medicare alternatives worth considering.

And the final selection is always up to you.

Choice Health Insurance Brokers works by developing strong relationships with all the different groups and organizations that offer health insurance. That includes insurance agencies, but also professional organizations, industry associations, and many more, all of which have developed their own offerings.

Many of these offerings are not advertised to the general public, but you do not need to have any special affiliation to use them. You simply need a foot in the door – which is precisely what Choice Health Insurance Brokers provides. The rest is entirely your decision.

When It’s Time to Discuss Health Insurance, See the Winning Difference with CHIB

Health insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you prefer to call or visit us at our office right here in DeLand, Florida, we are always happy to meet your needs!

Contact us today to find out more – we look forward to helping you soon.