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Small Business Leaders CAN Offer Their Employees Healthcare Coverage with CHIB

Small business owners know that they can attract the best talent by offering health insurance.

Over the last few years, even relatively young employees have come around to the opinion that group health insurance is an important part of a well-rounded compensation and benefits package. But when small Central Florida businesses look for their options, it’s often an uphill climb.

Without the buying power of a large enterprise, entrepreneurs could discover that they’ll be paying a high price for their group health insurance. Likewise, insurance policies for smaller organizations have the tendency to offer less robust health coverage. That undermines the value you provide employees.

And, of course, businesses are still relatively small when they are required to offer health insurance by current federal guidelines. This can mean that you end up with a challenging situation on your hands as it’s time to make the transition. When your total headcount reaches 50, the clock is ticking.

And choosing the wrong group health insurance policy can be costly!

Thankfully, you have an ally on your side that can make the process simpler: Choice Health Insurance Brokers.

Choice Health Insurance Brokers Makes it Easier for Small Businesses to Expand Their Options

As a business owner, you never wait for permission to get things done. With our team, you never have to wait to make a change in health insurance providers, either! You can select the right plan for you and get started at any time of the year, before or after Open Enrollment on the ACA Marketplace.

The secret is in the way Choice Health Insurance Brokers extends your options.

As a local health insurance broker, our team is made up of independent insurance professionals. We are not tied to any one health plan and we do not have any sales quota. This enables us to give you the best advice possible based on your needs. We are always out for your best interests.

How does it work? By the time you sit down at the table with us, most of it is done for you.

Our team operates exclusively here in Central Florida, developing a comprehensive knowledge of all of the different group health insurance options available to you. That can include possibilities that aren’t widely advertised, but that might meet your needs.

The truth is, health insurance isn’t only offered by conventional insurance agencies. There are also many organizations all throughout the United States that band together to increase members’ buying power, especially when it relates to health insurance.

When it comes to group health insurance for business, this can include industry organizations that are relevant to your enterprise. There may also be many other organizations available, all of which have different health insurance options for you to peruse.

Under normal circumstances, you or your benefits and compensation team would have to scour the internet and make dozens of calls to get all the facts you need. But with Choice Health Insurance Brokers, we’ve already got the information – and we’re ready to guide you through it.

Working with a Local Health Insurance Broker Makes Life Easier

When you meet with us, we’ll start by learning about your company and its specific needs. Then, we will advise you as we go through a full list of potential health insurance options for you. The final decision is always yours, and you will never be pushed to go one way or the other.

When we started Choice Health Insurance Brokers right here in Central Florida, our goal was to create a whole new insurance experience for people like you. We know that when you call an insurance agent for information, you usually get the runaround – after all, their only goal is to make a sale.

Insurance is complex enough without having to worry that you’re not getting all the facts. And it gets even more complicated when you need to make a decision that may impact dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people. We are here to help you move forward with true confidence.

As long as your business continues to operate within our Central Florida service area, you will always have us as a resource whenever your needs change over the years. There is never any need to start over from scratch, and we’ll continue to maintain a working knowledge of your business as time passes.

Group health insurance is just one of many strategic concerns on your plate. We give you the expert advice you deserve when you make such an important decision for your brand and team.

Contact us to learn more or get started today.