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Which Carriers Do Choice Health Insurance Brokers Partner With?

Looking for a health insurance broker?

It’s important to find one with an extensive network in your area.

For a health insurance broker, the term network doesn’t refer to just one insurer. It doesn’t mean a certain set of doctors you’re allowed to see, either. Instead, it means the full collection of different organizations the broker can connect you with to provide you with health insurance options.

Most frequently, a health insurance broker, like the ones here at Choice, will work directly with individuals to help them find personal health insurance that meet both their own needs and the needs of their families. And, we can partner with Central Florida businesses for group health insurance, too.

And it’s all down to the strength of our network.

Let’s take a closer look.

We Work with Carriers of All Sizes – and Never Have a Sales Quota

Our team strives to make sure that when you call or come into our office, you’ll have access to all the health insurance options that could be right for you. That means holding relationships with everyone from small local carriers to some of the biggest regional and national insurance agencies.

The difference? When you call an insurance agent, you’ll only get to hear about their company and their products. Insurance agents are compensated partially on the number of policies they originate, so it will always benefit them to steer callers in the direction of the most expensive policies.

With Choice Health Insurance Brokers, even the biggest agency is just one option out of a full menu. Our network is hand-curated by experienced, independent insurance professionals who are beholden to no one. That’s part of why we can be proud of the quality of the connections we make.

A List of the Biggest Insurance Carriers at Choice Health Insurance Brokers

Our network is always growing, and by the time you read this, it’s probably gotten bigger. That said, we focus exclusively right here in Central Florida. Our local insight means that nothing escapes our notice in the world of Central Florida insurance trends. But we are nationally licensed with the big names.

Some of those “names” include:

  • Principal
  • Aetna
  • BlueCross BlueShield
  • Cigna
  • Humana
  • Mutual of Omaha

The truth is, many of our clients prefer to work with these large health insurance agencies. They simply report that when they tried to get the right information on their own, they found it confusing or were put off by a complicated phone tree. We agree that the human touch is always best!

Choice Health Insurance Brokers Adds More Value than Going It Alone

We always put these options on the table, and we’re glad to walk you through them. Through our deep and long-lasting relationships, we also have the opportunity to help you customize your insurance plan in ways that might not be possible if you were doing it all on your own.

For example, you never need to worry about waiting until a certain time of year to select your health insurance with CHIB. We coordinate with health insurance agencies to make sure you can get started right away. Sometimes that means the same day, but rarely longer than the first of the next month.

Likewise, you might expect a health insurance agency will only be interested in you if you need a new, all-encompassing policy that includes a little bit of everything – but that’s not the case. With CHIB, you have the chance to select supplemental insurance to add to existing employer-sponsored plans.

You can even get vision and dental insurance for yourself and your family.

Not Sure Yet? Go Beyond the Big Names with Choice

Depending on where you live, there may be dozens or even hundreds of health insurance options off the beaten path. Many of them never advertise to the general public. It could take weeks of effort for you to get the information – or just one relaxing conversation with a local health insurance broker.

Some of our clients tell us they’d rather not get involved with big agencies, and we understand. We also grow our network through innovative partnerships with organizations such as nonprofits and industry associations. Their health insurance offerings could be just what you’re looking for.

Whether you go big or small, our goal at CHIB is to enhance your options.

Our team will be glad to listen to your needs and concerns, then provide you with clear, actionable information on health insurance policies that might be a good match for you. Enjoy peace of mind. Contact Choice Health Insurance Brokers today to learn more or get started.