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Small Business Health Insurance: How to Offer Your Employees the Right Coverages

A good group health insurance plan is one of the best investments your business can make in its people. Superior health insurance helps demonstrate that you are an employer of choice in your industry. It will enable you to attract the best talent for the job at hand, whether new grads or experienced executives.

Research shows that health insurance is one of the main considerations on the minds of job-seekers as they compare offers from different companies. In most cases, no other piece in your compensation and benefits package makes the same impact.

Over recent years, even younger workers have come to appreciate the importance of having access to insurance they can really count on. No one wants to face a financial crisis at the same time they have a medical emergency. Employer-sponsored health insurance is a valuable line of defense.

Under the Affordable Care Act, all companies holding 50 or more full-time employees must offer health insurance. This is often a pivotal turning point in the history of a business. However, you are allowed to offer health insurance at any point prior to the 50-employee figure if you wish.

While quality insurance makes employees stand up and cheer, it can be a strategic challenge to find the right plan. Small businesses don’t have the same buying power as large multinational enterprises – they can find themselves in tough negotiations that mirror the difficulties individual employees face.

Excellent group insurance isn’t just best for people, it’s best for your bottom line. But how to get there?

A local health insurance broker can be your most important ally in the quest for the best insurance.

A Health Insurance Broker Goes to Bat for You When It’s Time for Better Group Health Insurance

Choosing health insurance for a business is very different from choosing it for an individual. While an individual can select their insurance policy based on their unique situation, every possible option in a group health insurance policy will be of benefit to someone.

The key to group health insurance is maximizing coverage while reducing costs. That includes not only the direct costs but the complexity and overhead that can result from adopting a health insurance plan. You want to be sure your new insurance offerings integrate seamlessly into your overall benefits.

Some organizations choose to go “all out” with vision and dental insurance, wellness-related services, and much more. Others emphasize core services and look for the best ways to meet employees’ most basic and pressing needs. A local health insurance broker can help you with either or both approaches.

Why go to a local health insurance broker instead of an insurance agency?

An insurance agent has a sales quota and a strong motivation to “sell” you on a particular plan, the one that provides the biggest commission payout. This is especially true given that, after selecting the group insurance plan they want, most companies stick with a particular provider for years to come.

A health insurance broker puts your needs and interests first. Unlike an insurance agent, your broker has relationships with organizations across Central Florida that help you reach your insurance policy goals.

That means nonprofits and others that provide health insurance outside the purview of the big agency system. It can also include professional associations, industry groups, and other regional and national organizations you can partner with to strengthen your negotiating stance as you compare insurance.

The Right Health Insurance Broker Can Strategically Evaluate Your Company’s Needs

Every small business is unique, and they have requirements that are very different from those of a large enterprise. Even so, the experience Choice Health Insurance Brokers brings to the table enables us to support you in optimizing your health insurance plan for the people who depend on it.

Our years of work have brought us deep insight into the Central Florida business community. Odds are high that a member of our team has worked directly with a business like yours over a span of years. With our help, your health insurance can become an important strategic asset.

The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll get results.

To truly make the most of health insurance, it’s not enough to avoid setbacks and bad outcomes. You want your employee benefits strategy to be the best around, and your health insurance can become a centerpiece of that effort. We help you keep the costs down and the quality up.

Ready to see the difference a local health insurance broker can make?

Contact Choice Health Insurance Brokers today. We look forward to helping you soon.