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How Choice Helps Small Businesses Find Group Healthcare Options to Fit Their Specific Needs

Sooner or later, a growing and successful business will be required to offer health insurance to its employees. That’s a major milestone in a company’s life – the shift from a “small business” to a mid-sized enterprise. And it can bring other important changes along with it.

In the long run, providing health insurance is the best move for any company. It helps you distinguish yourself as an employer of choice, attracting top talent even if you’re in a competitive industry. But it can leave you at a difficult inflection point when the time comes to make your move.

Many companies throughout Central Florida put in 12 months of preparation before that final hire that pushes them “over the line” and into the world of federal health insurance requirements. But even with an exhaustive amount of research, group health insurance options can sometimes be disappointing.

As a business leader, you want a group health insurance plan that does two things:

  • Prevents your company from drowning in overhead and administrative fees
  • Empowers current employees and attracts the level of talent you really want

This is not such a tall order. In theory, it should be within reach for any Central Florida business. But in practice, getting there can be troublesome. It’s especially tough when you consider just how vital it is to make the right decision about group health insurance the first time.

Nobody wants to end up starting from scratch on group health insurance just a few months after making a commitment. It’s a burden on your leadership, your benefits and compensation professionals, and any employees who need to rethink their healthcare after the change is made.

Luckily, all the ups and downs in the process of searching for group health insurance come back to one key factor: Lack of information. Just as with personal health insurance, you find yourself in a situation where the stakes are high, there’s an ocean of detail, and no one wants to give you clear information.

To make the best choice on group health insurance the first time, you need the right advisor. But that doesn’t mean spending tens of thousands of dollars on an outside consultant. You can get the insights you need from a friendly, reliable local source. And you can do it at a small fraction of the cost.

To discover the best health insurance, it’s time to meet with your local health insurance broker.

Central Florida Small Businesses Make the Most of Health Insurance with an Independent Broker

A health insurance broker is an independent health insurance professional who works on your behalf to find and compare all the insurance policy options that might fit your needs. As a neutral third party with no sales quota, the insurance broker’s role is to help you navigate the process and reach your goals.

That leads to a “night and day” difference compared to talking to the average health insurance agent.

While insurance agents might simply be out to make the sale, your health insurance broker is a resource who is on your side throughout the process. Customizing the experience to you and your needs means learning precisely what you want to achieve with your health insurance, then empowering you to do it.

A local health insurance broker works diligently to get information about all the different organizations that offer group health insurance here in Central Florida. That goes beyond the usual list of big health insurance agencies to include industry and professional associations, as well as several more.

Nonprofit organizations and others often work together to offer health insurance. By banding together for a common purpose, they can increase their buying power. This helps to put your small business on a similar footing to large enterprises that can negotiate with insurers from a place of strength.

More options will translate into more opportunities to save money and expand coverage quality.

At Choice Health Insurance Brokers, our team members have worked with many small businesses. We know what it takes to equip companies in a variety of industries with group health insurance that really works. And as your needs continue to change over time, we are always in your corner.

One of the biggest advantages of using a local health insurance broker is knowing you have an ally to call on whenever you need one. That’s a totally different experience than the “swimming upstream” feeling you might get trying to get attention from a large national health insurance company.

Ready to begin? Contact us today to find out more. We look forward to helping your business thrive.